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For over forty-three (43) years I was a divorce litigator in Hawaii. I participated in some landmark cases, and got to practice at the highest level. My specialty was litigating complex financial issues, like businesses, trusts, and so forth. Often, my clients ended up with more wealth than they would likely consume in their lifetime, and so I helped them get good estate planning help. I can say without fear of contradiction that I am as good as anyone at organizing a financially complicated divorce case, for litigation, or settlement, and identifying outcome options and, as well as anyone, I know divorce law and practice in Hawaii.

I no longer litigate. I have found it to be more harmful than helpful.

From the outset, I learned that for most divorcing folks who couldn't quickly resolve their issues on their own, mediation was often a good option. As much as I tried to be a successful divorce litigator, I have always tried to equally promote the cause of divorce ADR, be it mediation, arbitration, collaborative practice, cooperative divorce, or mastering. I look forward to the day when the Family Court requires divorce ADR in every contested case, absent good cause.

I now mediate financially complex divorce cases, I teach divorce mediators, I work with the Family Court’s divorce masters, and I consult with practitioners regarding their financially complicated divorce cases. My resume can be found elsewhere on the site.

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